Access Reviews

Automate user access certifications – creating comprehensive campaigns in record time. Certify with confidence by prioritizing risky access first and giving reviewers the context they need to approve or reject.

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Why use Veza

Key Benefits
  • Rapid Deployment: Get started in minutes with hundreds of agentless integrations. Compile campaigns instantly.
  • Trusted Certifications: Stop guessing about abstract role names. Veza’s effective permissions translates system permissions into simple terms: Create, Read, Update, Delete.
  • Efficiency: Focus on reviewing access with the greatest risk by prioritizing privileged accounts, toxic combinations and separation of duties violations.
  • Comprehensive Reviews: Accurately reveal all accounts with access, including local, machine, and service accounts, even if they exist outside your identity platforms.
Key Features
  • Access Reviews: Create campaigns to review the permissions of any human or machine user, or for any resource, such as an S3 bucket or Snowflake table.
  • Review Delegation: Automatically assign reviewers to the user’s manager or the owner of the resource.
  • Smart Actions: Bulk certify access based on customizable conditions such as last-modified, time limits, recent usage, and separation-of-duties (SOD).
  • Review Intelligence: Automate review suggestions based on past decisions.
  • Enterprise Scale: Conduct hundreds of access reviews for all of your systems at once for large compliance programs.
  • API Access: Programmatically create access reviews, view, or update certifications, and integrate with existing review tools.