Activity Monitoring

Veza monitors not only who can access, but also who has accessed key resources to identify unnecessary permissions, right-size roles, trim unneeded entitlements, and remove dormant entities.

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Why use Veza

Key Benefits
  • Least privilege: Know what resources users have actually accessed, to remove dormant access and right-size permissions for users and roles.
  • Clean up dormant entities: Remove dormant identities, roles, and resources.
  • Mitigate risk: Identify and focus on managing your most over-privileged users, roles, and resources.
  • Respond rapidly: Speed up post-incident forensics by identifying what resources an attacker actually accessed.
  • Save cloud costs: Remove resources and SaaS licenses which are never used.
Key Features
  • Monitor: Collect and summarize log data from Snowflake, AWS and other enterprise systems to know who accessed what resources.
  • Over-Privileged Access Scores (OPAS): A single numerical score, comparing levels of activity against any resource, to help you prioritize your most over-privileged roles and users.
  • Access Stats: CIEM monitoring to determine whether identities actually use the access they have to key data resources like Snowflake tables and AWS IAM, including the last used date.

  • Access Intelligence: Power rules and alerts with OPAS. For example: automatically create a review workflow whenever Veza detects a new over-privileged user.
  • Cloud Entitlements Dashboard: Out-of-the-box dashboard for Security Engineering & Security Ops teams on most active users, dormant users, dormant roles, and more.