How the City of Las Vegas safeguards the data of 42 million visitors a year with Veza



Annual visitors

42 million

55% of the world’s population lives in urban areas, with 68% projected to live in urban areas by 2050. As such, cities represent perhaps the most important opportunity for innovation and digital transformation. For the City of Las Vegas, keeping data secure in their hybrid, multi-cloud environment is critical to accelerate digital transformation and foster innovation. With Veza, the City of Las Vegas has built a strong foundation for Identity Security based on knowing exactly who has access to what.

City of Las Vegas’s security and identity teams have benefitted from:

  • Empowering security, audit, and infrastructure teams with a unified platform to manage access permissions for employees, contractors, and interns.
  • Reducing security risk by assigning least-permissive roles for all identities (human and machine) across identity providers, cloud providers, and data systems, including Okta, Azure, AWS, and SharePoint.
  • Achieving continuous compliance with standards and regulations like CISA and HIPAA with the authorization context needed to build access controls.

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