Cloud Access Management

Migration to the cloud made access management exponentially harder, with many more identities and resources to manage. Veza helps you untangle the complex web of cloud IAM to know exactly who can do what across Amazon, Google, Azure, and Oracle cloud environments.

Access managment at enterprise scale

Posture & Misconfigurations

Find and fix cloud IAM misconfigurations that enable privilege escalation and lateral movement.

Remove risky access

Root out inactive IAM users, dormant service accounts and ungoverned local users.

Out-of-the-box intelligence

Identify and fix your top cloud access risks before they can be exploited by an attacker.

Blast radius anaysis

Identify your high blast radius users—identities with broad access to cloud resources—who represent the greatest risk if compromised.

For all your identity security teams

Identity & Access Management (IAM)

  • Understand the effective permissions of cloud identities without the need to master multiple complex IAM systems.
  • Seamlessly onboard and offboard users from your cloud environments, assigning appropriate access according to team and duties.
  • Respond to requests for resource access with automated least privilege group and role recommendations.

Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

  • Instantly compile comprehensive access reviews for your cloud environments assigned to user managers or resource owners.
  • Enforce policies for toxic combinations or separation of duties (SoD).
  • Track all users with admin permissions in your cloud environments.

Security Engineering & Security Operations

  • Analyze historical access and blast radius in your cloud environments to detect and respond to any compromised account.
  • Remediate risks and violations in real-time with alerts or ITSM tickets in ServiceNow, Slack, or JIRA.
  • Pinpoint unused permissions to remove privileged accounts without impacting user experience.


Glood Cloud Integration

Google Cloud

Azure Integration

Microsoft Azure

Oracle Fusion Cloud Integration

Oracle Cloud

If you’re using a cloud of any size, there’s probably plenty of things that you’ve done in the past that didn’t have the right governance around them. And being able to go back, see that, fix it, and then put governance on top of it to ensure that it doesn’t sprawl again, that that’s one of the things that we just love about Veza.

Jason Simpson | Vice President of Engineering

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