Intelligent Access: Strategies for Achieving Least Privilege in the Modern Enterprise

Get the “Intelligent Access” Ebook, from former Netflix VP of Information Security, Jason Chan and Co-Founder & CEO of Veza, Tarun Thakur, to learn strategies for achieving least privilege in the modern enterprise.

Book Overview

  • Learn how to scale a modern enterprise identity program
  • Explore the fundamentals of enterprise identity and understand the identity lifecycle
  • Understand the different stages of enterprise identity modernization
  • Discover key use cases facing identity and security teams today: privileged access monitoring, cloud entitlement management, data system access, SaaS app security, next-gen IGA, non-human identity management

As companies increasingly rely on the cloud to operate and store sensitive data, it’s imperative to build a strong identity access program to ensure the right users and machine identities have the right access to the right data. According to Gartner, 80% of organizations have experienced an identity-related attack in the last 12 months, making it clear that organizations need to focus on an identity-first security strategy to better adapt and protect themselves against modern attackers and techniques.

Just like a growing plant, identity modernization proceeds through three key phases: Seed, Sprout, and Bloom. Co-authors Jason Chan (former Netflix VP) and Tarun Thakur (Co-Founder & CEO, Veza) explain how to approach these phases and build an enduring identity strategy in their new book, Intelligent Access: Strategies for achieving least privilege in the modern enterprise.

Any investment you make in your identity program is a step forward.

Jason Chan, Operating Advisor & Cybersecurity Leader

Jason Chan

Operating Advisor & Cybersecurity Leader

Tarun Thakur

Tarun Thakur

Co-Founder & CEO, Veza