A Practitioner’s Guide to Intelligent Access

Learn how to visualize, manage, and control access at enterprise scale with Intelligent Access

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In the rapidly evolving world of cybersecurity, one simple principle has been a North Star: “least privilege”. Achieving least privilege, however, remains incredibly difficult. Answering the simple question, “who can take what action on what data?” is not simple at all. Nevertheless, this is cybersecurity’s biggest challenge given the onslaught of identity-based attacks and breaches involving ransomware, insider threats, and credential abuse.

In their new book, Intelligent Access: A Practitioner’s Guide to Enterprise Access Governance and Access Control, co-authors, Phil Venables and Tarun Thakur shed light on practical strategies that will lead your organization toward modern access governance and access control, built on the strong foundation of an enterprise-level privilege management program.

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