A Practical Guide to Avoiding the Pitfalls of IGA

In today’s cybersecurity landscape, identity is the new perimeter. With a staggering 80% of breaches involving identity elements, it’s clear that Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) should be a critical pillar of every security strategy.

IGA solutions are necessary to lead your organization toward least privilege. Effective governance without the right tools can be challenging. And IGA tools are not created equal. As companies transition to cloud platforms and adopt a plethora of SaaS applications, the complexity of managing governance has skyrocketed. 

If you’re considering an IGA investment, look no further than our Practical Guide to Avoiding the Pitfalls of IGA. This guide is designed to help you evaluate your options and lead you toward a solution for your governance problem. Discover the pitfalls of investing in outdated, static, or surface-level IGA tools and explore the best tools for eliminating identity blindspots. 

Choosing the right IGA tools can make the difference between grappling blindly with access management while running inefficient user access review cycles and leading your organization toward a future with clear access visibility and continuous least privilege.