The Veza Advantage – Product Whitepaper

Learn how to secure access and permissions to all your systems

  • Authorization Metadata Graph built for any system, any platform, any cloud
  • Data-centric approach to cloud security
  • Infinite Integrations and Open Authorization API (OAA)

Veza is looking forward for us. It allows us to understand who, what, where, when, and why. If you can do that, you have the ability to secure any environment. And when you’re talking about a global organization, that’s what you need.

David Tyburski || CISO, Wynn Resorts

Authorization is a fundamental security requirement for any company creating value from data. It’s time for a modern approach that allows companies to see beyond authentication and master the complexities inherent to authorization in a multi-cloud world. Veza takes the intricate problem of aligning identities to data to truly understand who has access to what and simplifies it in a way that’s easy to consume for any organization, no matter its size.

Craig Rosen || Chief Security and Trust Officer, ASAPP