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  • Authorization Metadata Graph built for any system, any platform, any cloud
  • Data-centric approach to cloud security
  • Infinite Integrations and Open Authorization API (OAA)

Using Veza, our security teams have gained valuable visibility across our systems – apps, infrastructure, and data, to better understand who can access what, helping drive stronger privileged access security practices.

Jenner Holden | CISO, Axon

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Stitching together identities with data sources and showing the connections between them in a way that’s easy to consume — it’s a simple idea, but a complex problem to solve. Veza makes the process of understanding who has access to what really, really easy.

Dave Farrow | VP, Information Security, Barracuda Networks

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Using Veza allows me to sleep better at night because I know that there’s an automated tool watching our systems. Even if an infrastructure change is made to support a release, I know that we’ll be getting alerts, allowing us to tighten up security as we grow our business.

Sean Todd | CISO, PayNearMe

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As we provide a single platform across our different operating companies and markets, it’s critical to know that our sensitive customer and business information is secure, not just internally across those different markets, but also externally for the customer-facing applications we support.

Kevin Fournier | VP Data, Analytics and Integration, ATN International

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