FBI Tips on Breach Prevention and Response in 2024


Event Overview

Tune in to hear FBI Special Agent and Special Assistant U.S. Attorney, Donovan McKendrick, provide tips for breach prevention in the 2024 threat landscape. 

As a founding member of the FBI’s Cyberbranch in Northern California and also a Special Assistant US Attorney for the Department of Justice, McKendrick both investigates and prosecutes cyber attacks. Join this live discussion as McKendrick shares what he and his department are seeing in today’s threat landscape. We’ll cover:

  • New vectors and tactics
  • Prevention tips
  • How the Financial Fraud Kill Chain can stop losses
  • How to notify the government during an attack

McKendrick will discuss new tactics the Bureau is seeing in ransomware, business email compromise, and nation-state attacks (with zero-day exploits in the supply chain). He’ll also take a detailed look at identity security and the role IAM teams can play in mitigating attacks, and he’ll explain why it has never been more important to enforce the principle of least privilege.

This session will be live broadcast only, so block your calendar now and bring your questions. We hope to see you there.



Donovan McKendrick

Special U.S. Attorney & Special Agent with FBI

Jason Garoutte

Jason Garoutte

Chief Marketing Officer, Veza

Donovan McKendrick is a Special U.S. Attorney with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Northern District of California and a Special Agent with FBI San Francisco on Cyber Crime Squad CY-6. He was a case agent on multiple high-profile cyber incidents, including attacks on Twitter, Solar Winds, Robinhood, and Rockstar Games. Special Agent McKendrick specializes in cryptocurrency investigations and the use of new technologies by cyber threat actors, including artificial intelligence.

Prior to working Cyber Crime Special Agent McKendrick served on a Cyber Counterintelligence squad as well as an organized crime squad investigating the Mafia and Dark Web criminal forums and organizations.