Identity Targeting: A Growing Threat with Rachel Wilson | Ep 1

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Episode Summary

This week, Identity Radicals brings you an insightful episode delving into the critical aspects of cybersecurity and information protection with guest Rachel Wilson, the head of Cyber Security at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management. Rachel explores with podcast host, Jason Garoutte, about the ever-growing concern of identity-based targeting, shedding light on the vulnerabilities that persist in our interconnected world.

Rachel characterizes how Multifactor Authentication (MFA) alone falls short of guaranteeing robust security. They dive into the intricacies of scaling security measures practically, while maintaining an optimum balance between risk management and compliance adherence.

They also provide invaluable insights into addressing security queries from the board of organizations. Moreover, the hosts highlight the transformative power of automation in fortifying cybersecurity defenses and discuss the ongoing challenge of recruiting and nurturing new talent in the field.

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Our employees are both our first line of defense and our greatest point of risk. This is why monitoring both internally and externally is crucial… If you can identify an employee whose behavior is abnormal, either because they are doing something strange, or their identity has been co-opted in a way that indicates that you’ve got a problem, these kinds of detective controls are crucial in today’s environment.

Rachel Wilson || Head of Cybersecurity, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
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