Disrupting Breaches and Advancing InfoSec with David Tyburski | Ep 2

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Watch Episode #2 of Identity Radicals: Disrupting Breaches and Advancing InfoSec with David Tyburski

Episode Summary

Join us this week as we engage in an enlightening conversation with David Tyburski, VP of Information Security and the CISO of Wynn Resorts. With over 15 years in the field, David offers his expertise on leveraging automation to provision across the entire user access lifecycle. Get ready to uncover the intriguing challenges he has faced, his strategies for data protection, and his outlook on the inevitability of breaches in security.

We explore the critical role of identity management and access control in cybersecurity. Listen in as we dissect the crucial aspects of identity management, and learn why pre-authorization and continuous monitoring are indispensable in warding off potential intruders. We take you through the necessity of automating security processes and how this can relieve an audit team’s burden and let them concentrate on more pressing matters.

Finally, we take a step back and look at the broader picture – leadership in the advancement of the security field. Drawing on David’s experiences, he shares tips on networking, professional growth, and the importance of understanding the industry we’re in.

Security professionals, unlike hackers, tend to try to hold everything close to their chest and not share, but that’s changing. I’m a big proponent of sharing: sharing processes, sharing techniques, sharing everything we can.

David Tyburksi || VP of Information Security & CISO, Wynn Resorts
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