Privileged Access Monitoring

Don’t let unauthorized users and privileged users slip through the cracks of your IGA or PAM tools. Use Veza to find and fix privilege violations with your data systems, SaaS apps, and cloud services.

Take charge of high-risk identities

Privilege violations

Identify unauthorized users and guest users with privileged access to sensitive data. Find and fix over-permissioned service accounts. Stay apprised of any external or overseas contractors with non-compliant access.

Security audits

Discover local users and local admins created outside the purview of identity systems (SSO, IGA), causing audit problems with regulations like SOX, ISO 27001, and SOC 2.

Posture & misconfigurations

Eliminate risky posture such as local users and privileged accounts with no MFA enrollment and inactive 3rd party app integrations.

Least privilege

Monitor and trim unused permissions to maintain the principle of least privilege. Get alerts on unused access across SaaS apps, custom apps, data systems, and cloud providers.

For all your identity security teams

Identity & Access Management (IAM)

  • Ensure complete onboarding & offboarding of privileged accounts—human or machine—by checking all cloud and on-prem apps, data systems, and cloud IAM systems.
  • Automatically trim dormant privileged access.
  • Trim access to individual objects like Snowflake tables or GitHub repositories based on usage.
  • Assign the least permissive role possible for ad hoc access requests to any resources.

Security and Risk Management (SRM)

  • Provide reports to auditors that don’t miss privileged local users
  • Enforce policies for identity security posture such as requiring MFA
  • Enforce policies for toxic combinations or separation of duties (SoD)
  • Provide access reviews with privileged monitoring information and intelligence

Security Engineering & Security Operations

  • Remediate risks and violations in real-time with alerts or ITSM tickets in ServiceNow, Slack, or JIRA.
  • Analyze historical access and blast radius to detect and respond to any compromised account.
  • Pinpoint unused permissions to remove privileged accounts without impacting user experience.

Leading enterprises trust Veza for Privileged Access Monitoring

With Veza, we have end-to-end visibility over our cloud data access footprint; we’re able to quickly identify excess RBAC control and manage privileged access – and that gives us the confidence to adopt new cloud technologies and migrate from on-prem to cloud at lightning speed.

Matt Paull | Managing Director, Technology Management

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