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Veza brought something unique to the table that we had never seen before. And that really is the permission graph that lets us deeply understand the link between Okta to all of our different AWS accounts, to our databases, and Active Directory. We hadn’t seen anything like that and to be able to visualize that in, in, you know, basically 30 seconds is truly amazing.

Jason Simpson | Vice President of Engineering

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Veza is looking forward for us. It allows us to understand who, what, where, when, and why. If you can do that, you have the ability to secure any environment. And when you’re talking about a global organization, that’s what you need.

David Tyburski | VP of Information Security and CISO

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“As an insurance company, our customers rely on us to maintain a strong compliance posture to keep their data secure. Veza has given our team unprecedented visibility to manage all identities and their access, enforce policies, and mitigate risks. We appreciate Veza’s flexibility in adding new integrations for both common and industry unique applications.”

Brad Lontz | SVP of IT & CIO

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