Video – Google Ventures | Veza – why authorization matters, why now

Google Ventures | Veza

Veza is grateful to have a strong team of advisors, investors, and partners by our side. Watch Karim Faris, General Partner, GV and Tarun Thakur, CEO & Co-Founder, Veza, chat about why authorization is so critical for modern data security, and GV’s investment in Veza as the data security platform to modernize the future of data security.

Every CIO and CISO was telling us – I want to understand where my data is located, where it’s coming from, what the nature of it is, who’s accessing it, who has access to it, and who has privileges on sensitive data. As we dug deeper, we determined all of those problems are rooted in the question of “who has access to what,” and today’s tools simply don’t answer it.

Tarun Thakur || CEO & Co-Founder, Veza