Solution Brief – Veza for Snowflake

Your data in Snowflake needs to stay consistent, trustworthy, and secure, but security and governance are significant areas of friction for any organization that needs to share data across teams. As a result, security and data teams are under extreme pressure to ensure long-term data lake availability, integrity, and confidentiality.

Veza secures your Snowflake deployment by empowering your teams to understand and manage access governance and cloud entitlements for your Snowflake resources. Veza unravels the many layers of native Snowflake policies and access control structures (including local roles and local users), enabling you to manage human and non-human services (like service accounts for apps like Looker and Tableau) that access Snowflake data – ensuring you are driving business insights based on high-quality, trustworthy, and secure data.

You need a way to understand – who has delete access? Who has write access? Who has global admin privileges? Do they all really need it? If we have sixteen different Snowflake admins, something’s wrong.

Kevin Fournier || VP Data, Analytics and Integration, ATN International