Solution Brief – Veza for GitHub

Code repositories like GitHub are subject to various security challenges – from protecting intellectual property, reducing potential security risks from outsourced and offshore software teams, ensuring malicious code isn’t added surreptitiously, to simply making sure people who aren’t qualified aren’t committing changes. New repositories are often created on the fly by developers for collaboration and speed without much thought to security and least privilege. Furthermore, understanding the different tiers of privileged access your users and collaborators have within repositories is difficult – ultimately leaving gaps in your source code authorization controls.

Veza secures your GitHub deployment by empowering your risk/governance, trust, and security teams to understand and control authorization across all GitHub repositories, minimizing the risk of exposure to your code.

I specifically chose Veza because of OAA – the API to allow me to introduce an application of my own into the system. They’ve given me a self-service option to support the data systems I need. Empowering me, hands down, made the decision to go with Veza. I haven’t found anybody else in the market that’s doing this.

Dave Farrow || VP, Information Security, Barracuda Networks