Authorization – The Missing Piece of Ransomware Protection

Tackle ransomware protection head-on by enforcing least privilege access to data

The eruption of ransomware is hardly a recent development—it’s been nearly a decade since CryptoLocker injected the term into the vocabulary of cybersecurity. Yet even with cumulative global cybersecurity spending expected to reach $1.75 trillion from 2021–2025, the impact of ransomware continues to grow.

The fact is, any defense is only as strong as its weakest point. While organizations invest heavily in measures such as antivirus software, multi factor authentication (MFA), and vulnerability management, they often overlook a critical element: the data permissions granted to their own user accounts.

Veza closes the authorization gap by helping organizations understand who has access to what data, with what privileges.

Read our solution brief to learn more about how Veza plays a key role in protecting your organization against ransomware.

Ransomware is also a high priority, because if a hacker manages to get into an admin’s account with elevated permissions and encrypt our reservation data, our business is dead in the water.

Jason Simpson || Vice President of Engineering, Choice Hotels