Demo – Veza for Google Cloud

Veza | Google Cloud IAM

In this demo, we showcase how Veza provides identity-centric data security rooted in the power of authorization for Google Cloud services, including Google Cloud IAM, BigQuery, Cloud Storage, Compute, and more.

We demonstrate how organizations can utilize Veza’s Authorization Graph to gain insights into identity-to-data relationships across Google Cloud, and how authorization metadata Veza can be pulled directly into the Google Cloud management interface, allowing customers to secure both Google Cloud data to which multi-cloud identities have permissions, and multi-cloud data that is being accessed by Google Cloud identities.

With Veza and Google Cloud working together, we’ve been able to seamlessly manage access controls over our data for our largest merger to date, and tightly scope identity-to-data permissions even as our footprint with Google Cloud and other technologies grows.

Ateeb Ahmad || Senior Director, IT Infrastructure, Vox Media