Case Study: How Las Vegas secures data in a hybrid, multi-cloud environment

55% of the world’s population lives in urban areas, with 68% projected to live in urban areas by 2050. As such, cities represent perhaps the most important opportunity for innovation and digital transformation. For the City of Las Vegas, keeping data secure in their hybrid, multi-cloud environment is critical to accelerate digital transformation and foster innovation. During this webinar, Michael Sherwood, Chief Innovation and Technology Officer for the City of Las Vegas, will discuss his strategy to secure data and maintain least privilege in a complex, distributed environment. During this webinar you will learn how the City of Las Vegas

  • Secures resources by automating processes to find and fix access risks in a dynamic hybrid, multi-cloud ecosystem, including preparing for edge computing
  • Uses Veza’s Authorization Platform to enable a single pane of glass from which they can understand and control all enterprise access (employees,contractors, interns)
  • Standardizes permissions across SaaS applications, identity providers, cloud providers, and data systems (SharePoint, Azure AD, AWS)
  • Builds access controls to meet standards for compliance frameworks like HIPAA