Cybersecurity leader transforms access reviews with Veza, making an unmanageable process manageable


Technology – Security

Organization Size

1,700 employees


Campbell, California


  • Certification interface that empowers system owners to responsibly manage data
  • Extensible platform that allows secure authorization for custom applications


  • Manual process to pull permissions and entitlements of users out of all corporate systems and apps

Key Features

  • Authorization Graph
  • Open Authorization API
  • Workflows
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Global cybersecurity solutions provider leverages data authorization to protect sensitive customer data and meet its compliance requirements

Thousands of customers worldwide trust Barracuda’s cloud-first security solutions to safeguard their data and applications from a wide range of threats. The California-based company specializes in cybersecurity and, in the course of protecting its customers, filters quite a bit of sensitive data through its systems.

Everything we do handles data — it’s central to our business. Customers trust us to protect what they share with us, so we take data security very seriously.

Dave Farrow || VP of Information Security

At first, the 15-year-old company built security appliances but has since moved to the cloud to provide cloud security to its many customers that have also migrated. The centrality of data security to its business and its embrace of the cloud prompted Barracuda to seek a modern, cloud-centric solution capable of bringing zero trust security controls to data, which ultimately led them to Veza.

Streamlining access and entitlement reviews to make an unmanageable process manageable

A big challenge in governance is knowing who has access to what. The stock answer is to grant access using Active Directory (AD), but the ramifications of AD group design are not always clear. “Automating the ability to know who has authorized access — in every group at any given time — is critical. When you look at the gamut of systems and applications, and there are lots of them, it gets quite complex.

That was the core issue we needed to address,” says Barracuda’s VP of Compliance, Risk & Security, Riaz Lakhani. Addressing that issue was the key to meeting Barracuda’s contractual commitments for protecting customer data and for complying with its SOC 2 audit requirements.

SOC 2 (System and Organization Controls) defines the criteria for managing data along five trust principles: security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. The mandate calls for regular access reviews of all entitlements and permissions — a burdensome task for a large organization like Barracuda.

Our security and compliance team kept asking if there was any way to pull the info out of AD and tie it together with the various permissions that unique user identities had for accessing our systems, apps, and data resources. It was unmanageable and took a lot of time, because it was a very centralized, laborious process, and not at all scalable.

Riaz Lakhani || VP of Compliance, Risk & Security

The solution? Barracuda engaged Veza to help decentralize the process. Leveraging Veza’s identity-to-data access controls, individual system owners and managers are now able to see on a single pane of glass the information they need to take action on entitlement anomalies and conduct due diligence for access reviews and audits in a timely fashion. They can now quickly produce evidence that they have complied with any needed adjustments to specific data access authorizations.

Key Integrations

Support for popular systems, apps, tools, and databases, including homegrown applications

Barracuda wanted a comprehensive solution that extended beyond systems like AWS that most companies use — a solution capable of providing complete visibility of how each support engineer was accessing customer data. The company evaluated products and technologies that only provide visibility into resources, apps, and infrastructure, but not data, and decided that wasn’t enough. They needed to see what was going on in every one of its applications. It was then that Dave Farrow reached out to Veza to see if it could POC a use case that would factor in visualization across all of Barracuda’s products, all its internal tools and systems, even homegrown ones.

Integrating a broad range of data sources with Veza’s Open Authorization API

Veza’s Open Authorization API supports a growing number of data systems and applications right out of the box, but also allows Barracuda to introduce its own applications. Self-service for integrating its own data sets enables Barracuda to advance its agenda independently, on its own timeline. Farrow noted that the company has several homegrown applications, but was never exactly sure who was using them or accessing the data. By ingesting the authorization models of its homegrown systems into Veza, he now gets the same picture for them as he did for public cloud systems. “Being able to visualize our private customer support systems and rolling that out to our access review managers gives us a broader picture of risks to the enterprise.”

About Barracuda
At Barracuda we strive to make the world a safer place. We believe every business deserves access to cloud-enabled, enterprise-grade security solutions that are easy to buy, deploy, and use. We protect email, networks, data, and applications with innovative solutions that grow and adapt with our customers’ journey. More than 150,000 organizations worldwide trust Barracuda to protect them – in ways they may not even know they are at risk – so they can focus on taking their business to the next level.