Access Search

Visualize and control who has access to data across all enterprise systems. Only Veza reveals granular resource permissions for all identities, human & machine, helping security teams reduce risk before and after attacks.

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Why use Veza

Key Benefits
  • Least privilege: Visualize and control effective permissions for all identities in all systems, including apps, on-premise, cloud services, and data systems. Find and remove unneeded privileged accounts and unused access.
  • Continuous compliance: Build queries and alerts to automatically scan for access that violates policies required for frameworks like SOX, SOC 2, NIST, and GDPR.
  • Threat investigation: Quickly assess the detailed access of compromised identities to prioritize incident response.
Key Features
  • Access Search: Visualize the current effective permissions for all identities in all systems, in near real-time. Covers apps, data warehouses, and all major cloud providers.
  • Query Builder: Build rich queries with filtering, sorting, and complex operands spanning multiple systems. Leverage tags to search access to sensitive data types.
  • Risk Heatmaps: Identify and prioritize risky permissions.
  • Time Travel: Compare historical views of the Access Graph to surface changes in permissions over time.
  • API Queries: Create and run queries via RESTful APIs to enrich data in your existing tools, workflows, and solutions.