State of Access 2024


Event Overview

Teams everywhere are struggling with the challenges of managing identity. The volume and complexity of permissions across hundreds of systems and thousands of users prohibits organizations from understanding the true reality of access. Identities span human and non-human alike, increasing the potential for blindspots and making least privilege harder to achieve.  

How can organizations make progress when they cannot clearly see the problem or the goal posts?

Join us on May 16th at 10am PT as Veza unveils the inaugural State of Access report for 2024. Tune in to hear security practitioners Mario Duarte, Tarek Khaled (Veza), Dr. Maohua Lu (Veza) and Jason Garoutte (Veza) present highlights from the report while providing commentary from their decades of experience. Discover helpful benchmarks about permissions to understand how you rank amongst your industry and how close you are to achieving least privilege.

Highlights from State of Access 2024:

  • Average number of identity platforms (and which ones used most)
  • Average number of roles and groups, per employee
  • Ratio of non-human (service accounts) to human identities
  • Average permissions associated with inactive and dormant users
  • Average unused access in cloud systems like AWS and Snowflake



Mario Duarte

Former VP of Security, Snowflake

Maohua Lu

Dr. Maohua Lu

Co-Founder & CTO, Veza

Jason Garoutte

Jason Garoutte

CMO, Veza


Tarek Khaled

Field CTO, Veza