3 Essential Strategies for Access Governance with AWS

AWS Access Governance

Event Overview

  • Understand identity permissions in AWS
  • Manage identity access at scale
  • Find and fix risky misconfigurations in AWS
  • See how Veza’s Access Control Platform powers Next-Gen IGA, enabling companies to automate and streamline AWS security

Securing access to sensitive data in AWS—who has what level of access to what resources—has always been challenging. Many organizations are left with access vulnerabilities that inevitably lead to breaches.

However, a careful combination of AWS tools, best practices and additional identity security solutions can get you closer to least privilege and, ultimately, a more secure environment.

Join us for an informative lightning talk where we’ll walk you through 3 ways you can clean up common identity-related blindspots and secure your AWS environment. Learn how to lead your organization towards least privilege, secure access to data and apps everywhere, modernize identity for the multi-cloud era, and drive efficiency – all in 15 minutes!

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Kale Bogdanovs

Kale Bogdanovs

Group Product Marketing Manager