Veza Welcomes Gertie the Goat to Board of Advisors

Veza welcomes veteran CISO to Board of Advisors.

[Los Gatos, CA] – April 1, 2023 – Veza, the authorization platform for identity-first security, is proud to announce that Gertrude “Gertie” the Goat has joined its Board of Advisors. A veteran CISO and seasoned security professional, Gertie brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team. She’s passionate about advocating for the security community and empowering CISOs to anticipate and mitigate cyber attacks, instead of being scapegoats for breaches and compliance violations they don’t have the tools to control.

“Sure, she’s a goat,” said Jason Garoutte, CMO at Veza, “but just like every other security professional, Gertie puts her reputation on the line every day, as the face of an organization’s promise to protect its customers and data. CISOs like Gertie see that they need a fresh approach if they don’t want to become scapegoats. We’re thrilled to have Gertie on the team.”

In her role as a member of the Board of Advisors, Gertie will work closely with Veza’s leadership team to provide insight into the needs of CISOs, and help them continue to innovate and evolve their solutions to match the changing security landscape.

Veza’s Authorization Graph and least privilege capabilities transformed Gertie’s approach to her role as a CISO, and she believes that Veza has the potential to empower CISOs and security teams everywhere. “Joining the Board of Advisors of Veza was an easy decision for me,” said Gertie. “As a security professional, I’ve seen too many of my peers take the fall after incidents caused by misconfigurations they had no way to see, and behavior they had no way to control. It’s time to change the narrative and say ‘don’t be a scapegoat.’”

States Gertie, “I joined Veza to give my fellow CISOs the tools they need to get proactive about identity and access. When a CISO has granular insight into permissions at the data level, and the ability to automate identity and access best practices, she need never be a scapegoat again. I’m putting my hoof down on behalf of all security professionals to say ‘enough is enough’. Let’s work together to build a safe and secure digital world.”

To learn more about Gertie’s journey, read her contributed post, Why I put my hoof down & joined Veza.

About Veza

Veza is the authorization platform for identity-first security. Identity and security professionals use Veza to modernize access governance for the new data landscape. By automating the work of finding and fixing excessive permissions on a continuous basis, Veza helps organizations achieve Least Privilege. Veza’s unique approach ingests metadata from any app or data system, organizes it as an authorization graph, and makes it searchable in real-time. Global enterprises like Blackstone, Wynn Resorts, and Expedia trust Veza to protect sensitive data and automate access reviews. Founded in 2020, Veza is headquartered in Los Gatos, California, and is funded by Accel, Bain Capital, Ballistic Ventures, GV, Norwest Venture Partners, and True Ventures. Learn more at

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