Veza for HashiCorp Vault: Bringing least privilege to Vault and Secrets

📰 🚨 Veza for HashiCorp is here !! 📰 🚨

HashiCorp Vault stands at the forefront of enterprise secret and key management solutions, distinguished by its advanced capabilities among leading vault technologies.

We’re thrilled to announce Veza’s integration with HashiCorp Vault for key use cases of Privilege Access Management (PAM) and Non-Human Identity Management (NHI). This integration empowers your organization to elevate the identity security, compliance, and efficiency of managing secrets and keys throughout your enterprise infrastructure.

Veza’s Full Integration with HashiCorp Vault is Now Active: What’s New?

Comprehensive Visibility 

  • Gain unparalleled end-to-end insight, identifying which identities—both human and machine—have permissions to create, read, update, or delete secrets. This visibility extends to the authentication methods in use. We now support an extensive range of HashiCorp Vault components, including:
    • HashiCorp Vault Cluster
    • HashiCorp Vault Namespace
    • HashiCorp Vault Entity – identities interacting with HashiCorp Vault
    • HashiCorp Vault Group – groups containing multiple entities
    • HashiCorp Vault Alias
    • HashiCorp Vault Auth Method & Subresources
    • HashiCorp Vault Secrets Engine & Secrets
    • HashiCorp Vault Policy

Operational Insights

  • Deploy policies that alert or notify about crucial HashiCorp Vault changes, including administrative adjustments or access shifts to critical secrets.

Non-Human Identity Management

  • Discover which non-human identities access HashiCorp Vault and the authentication methods they utilize.
  • Understand the volume and distribution of secrets within HashiCorp Vault, particularly concerning non-human identities.
  • Access Reviews: Enable comprehensive access reviews, providing a clear view of who has access to what secrets and by what means. This fosters a secure, compliant operational environment.

Why this matters?

  • Secrets Entitlement Management: In any enterprise, managing secret entitlements is fundamental to security. Achieving end-to-end visibility and control over these entitlements is essential for modern enterprises.
  • Vault Licensing Visibility: The complexity of Vault licensing demystified. With unparalleled visibility, customers can now accurately align and justify their Vault licensing requirements.
  • Identity Security Posture (ISPM): Strengthen your organization’s defense against threats by managing access to secrets effectively.
  • Streamlined Compliance: Facilitate easier compliance processes. Access reviews triggered by changes allow for targeted reviews, focusing solely on altered entitlements, thereby streamlining compliance efforts.

By integrating Veza with HashiCorp Vault, your enterprise can harness the full potential of advanced secrets management, reinforcing your security framework and ensuring comprehensive compliance and operational efficiency.

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