Product updates: 2H Release Summary

August 2023

  • New integrations for Azure Cognitive Services, GitLab, OpenAI, New Relic, Solarwinds, YouTrack, and Rollbar.
  • Introduction of Dashboard Trends View with export functionality.
  • New Query Details page for saved assessments.
  • Enhanced Report Export to include all related entities and attributes.
  • Comprehensive Veza Analytics.
  • Access Reviews: option to filter by individual users and link to filtered views.
  • Major performance improvements in bulk actions and certification results.
  • Preview API operations for creating Workflows and Certifications.
  • Smart Actions API enhancements for Access Reviews.
  • Query Pipeline feature for complex filter construction.
  • Enhanced Tagged Entity Search with detailed views and export capabilities.
  • Snowflake Tags discovery and extended attribute support for Microsoft AD and AWS.
  • SCIM connector for user and group discovery.
  • Introduction of Audit Log APIs.
  • Launch of Veza Email Digests for critical information aggregation.
  • Multi-factor Authentication available for local users.

September 2023

  • New integrations for MongoDB, NetSuite, Coupa, Slack, and Crowdstrike Falcon.
  • Introduction of Certification Action Log for detailed history tracking.
  • Mobile enhancements for Access Reviews, including swipe mode and Smart Actions.
  • Enhanced Certification Export for custom column selection and renaming.
  • Improved search for entities from Open Authorization API integrations.
  • Extended Microsoft Azure integrations with support for PostgreSQL, AKS, and Private Links.
  • Preview API for exporting Veza platform events.

October 2023

  • New Integrations for Azure Privileged Identity Management (PIM) and PingOne.
  • Risk Scores: Introduction of Risk Scores enabling users to effectively sort and compare risks with fast time to value on risk reduction.
  • Tags in Query Builder: Enhanced filtering and review capabilities for entities with tags.
  • Query Builder and Graph Search enhancements:
    • Flexible selection of source entity types in Query Builder.
    • Introduction of relative date filters for future dates in Query Builder.
    • New Query Builder columns for System and Effective Permissions.
    • Advanced search capabilities in scenarios involving nested entity types.
    • Improved Graph readability with optional visibility of certain entity types.
    • Query Builder exports now reflect changes in column ordering.
    • Extended maximum length for saved query descriptions.
  • Multiple Destinations for UAR: Enhanced flexibility when defining Access Review scope across a range of systems.
  • UAR / Access Certification Scheduling: Support for automated access review using scheduling rules.
  • Automated Intelligence: Use historical data to automate approvals or rejections for Access Reviews.
  • Veza Lifecycle Management: Policy-based provisioning and de-provisioning engine for Workday, Microsoft Active Directory, and custom identity providers / HRIS systems.
  • CSV Import: Ability to create custom providers and populate data sources from CSV files.
  • Extended support for Microsoft SharePoint Online Lists, Snowflake role types, AWS RDS MySQL system tables, and NetSuite insights.
  • API Keys for Teams: Introduction of non-root, read-only API access scoped to teams.

November 2023

  • New integrations for Microsoft Dynamics 365, Terraform, Google Cloud SQL, and UKGPro.
  • Time Machine for UARs: Introduction of Access Certifications based on historical Authorization Graph data.
  • Details Sidebar: New sidebar for efficient navigation and decision-making in reviews.
  • Attribute Filter Combinations: Access Review queries can now use combinations of attribute filters with AND or OR operators.
  • Nested constraints: Added support for two levels of AND and OR operators for attribute filters, enabling more complex queries.
  • Filtered Permissions columns for Segregation of Duty (SoD) violation remediation.
  • Support for Kubernetes services on Google Cloud (GKE) and Microsoft Azure (AKS).
  • Active Directory support for cross-domain relationships.
  • Teams for role-based access control to Veza (now generally available).
  • New identity mapping configurations for correlating accounts across providers.

December 2023

  • New integrations for Confluent Cloud, 1Password, and Privacera.
  • Notes for Risks: Ability to annotate risks and exceptions with custom notes and suppression reasons.
  • Risk Descriptions: Full explanations for built-in “critical” and “warning” risk assessments.
  • Access Review for individual users: Option to automatically open the Show Users list for filtering certifications on a single identity.
  • Risk Score Details: New modal explaining risk score calculations in Query Builder.
  • Support for gathering Okta MFA Factor Types.
  • Role Assignment Based on SSO Group Assignments: Ability to assign roles in Veza based on authorization provider group assignments for SSO users.
  • Access Reviews APIs and webhook payloads enhancements into intermediate entities.
  • Optimized Query Builder export performance.

Veza Product Design: Focus on User Experience

Access Reviews

  • Streamlined mobile experiences for access reviewers including swipe mode, filtering, and bulk actions.
  • Single Approve & Sign Off action for faster Access Certifications.
  • Added Grouped columns in certifications for better organization and readability.
  • Attributes for waypoint entities in Certifications for enhanced decision-making.
  • Certification exports now include additional decision-related columns.

Veza Search Improvements

  • Continued unification across Query Builder, Access Reviews, and Authorization Graph search interfaces.
  • Enhanced the Save Query wizard for easier query management.
  • Improved Graph visualization of equivalent AWS Policy Statements and “Deny” relationships.
  • More entity types are now hidden by default for improved Graph readability.
  • Added alphabetical ordering when adding search constraints and enhanced filters for timestamp-type attributes.
  • Search sidebars are now collapsible when reviewing the search results.

Navigation and Usability Enhancements

  • Revamped main Veza navigation for easier access to features and integrations.
  • New dashboard visualizations for critical integrations.
  • Added Identity Provider IDs in tooltips to support environments with multiple instances of the same integration type.
  • Clicking a tag (Veza Tags, AWS Tags, GCP Tags, etc.) now opens a tag overview page.
  • The Risks tab now includes entity IDs, suppression reasons, and notes.
  • Reports can now be modified directly from the Dashboards they appear on.

User Design Improvements

  • Increased consistency across the UI for major components like creation wizards, tables, tabs, and dropdowns.
  • Refreshed and improved Integration Management experience on Configuration pages.
  • Simplified process for adding team members and roles on the User Management and Teams pages.
  • Renamed product sections and navigation for enhanced clarity.

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