Into the VezaVerse: Veza for Slack

Instant messaging systems like Slack are the backbone of modern businesses. This isn’t just true for remote companies. Even if most of your employees are in the office every day, the majority of conversations and decision-making take place in these digital spaces. These conversations contain all kinds of sensitive information, from financial data and strategic plans to personally identifiable information about employees, customers, vendors, and partners.

In this episode of Into the VezaVerse, Jim Lester, Solutions Architect, and Mitch Dinkins, Product Manager, join Kale to demonstrate how Veza can help you collaborate safely and effectively in Slack.

Learn how to:

  • Track highly privileged Slack users
  • Manage single and multichannel guest accounts
  • Ensure that all internal access is granted via your IdP.

To get started with the Slack integration, head to the Github page.

Table of Contents