Decoding Data Sovereignty with Jenner Holden | Ep 3

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Episode Summary

Ever wondered how a NASDAQ listed company navigates the murky waters of cybersecurity? Join us on Identity Radicals with the CISO at Axon Enterprise, Jenner Holden, who pulls back the curtain on their operations and innovative security programs. One such program, which awards physical swords to employees, has successfully gamified the process of security awareness. Jenner also opens up about his involvement in the AZ Cyber Initiative, a program empowering high school students to kickstart their careers in cybersecurity.

Holden enlightens us on the importance of security reviews and access control processes – the unsung heroes in the fight against security threats. We unravel the complexities of automating provisioning and deprovisioning processes and shine a light on the hidden risks that linger even after an employee departs. Tune in as we delve into the art and science of detecting unusual activities and bolstering resilience to contain potential threats.

We also venture into the labyrinth of compliance frameworks such as Sarban’s Oxley, SOC2, GDPR, and FedRAMP. We discuss the challenges of data sovereignty for international clients and the intricacies of securing service accounts. Jenner shares intriguing tales of unusual security threats including police impersonators trying to buy Axon gear. We conclude by emphasizing the crucial role that resilience plays in cybersecurity and the importance of promoting careers in this field.

If you have a lot of people with a lot of privileged access, that’s actually an indicator of generally broken IT operations or process issues. It’s showing me that there are other things in the business that aren’t right.

Jenner Holden || CISO, Axon
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