Building Veza’s Platform and Products

Our Pace of Product Innovations

At Veza, we are building The Identity Security Platform for Enterprise-Wide Access Governance. Identity is a business problem and the beyond IAM era is here. Organizations have lots of business initiatives with IGA, PAM, IAM, SaaS Access Security, Unstructured Data Governance, Machine Identity Management, and more – all rooted to help them secure identity access to data across the enterprise. The key is helping organizations understand – who can take what action on what data. We believe just like SSO and MFA became the standards of authentication, now is the time to take RBAC, the purest form of identity data to secure access to data everywhere.

In the first half of 2023, we launched 50+ new features, 50+ new integrations, and tons of product usability focused enhancements. Huge push on product design, and we are barely getting started. These new features and capabilities stretch across the entire identity access fabric of graph, search, visibility, monitoring, request, and access lifecycle. THANK YOU to our engineering teams that are hard at work to deliver product requirements and innovations at a breakneck speed, and most importantly thank you to our customers and partners who are pushing us on this pace of product innovations. LET’S GO!

February 2023

  • Integrations: Bitbucket, Jira Server, Box, ServiceNow
  • Built-in insights for OAA integrations, Snowflake, AWS, Salesforce, and more
  • Fully customizable Reports (Public/Private), New dashboards
  • Access Workflows: Auto-assignment supports delegate reviewers
  • Access Workflows: Certifications can be drafts or in-progress

March 2023

  • Integrations: AWS Lambda, AWS Cognito
  • Search: regular expressions in attribute filters
  • Search: improved graph visualization of hierarchical relationships (Snowflake)
  • Search: improved graph visualization of Deny permissions, and AWS Permission Boundary
  • Search: “AND” of multiple paths to the same resource
  • Search: Cross-Entity filters (e.g., show me all AWS IAM roles which can assumeRole into a different AWS account)
  • Insights: Filter saved queries by keyword / label / integration
  • Access Monitoring: create rule triggers based on OPAS change (over privileged access score)
  • Access Workflows: Review direct/indirect access (love the nested roles!)
  • Access Workflows: Reviewer usability enhancements

April 2023

  • Integrations: GitHub Enterprise, NetSuite
  • SaaS Misconfigurations: New Salesforce Misconfigurations dashboard
  • Search: Risks now available in Search and Query Builder results
  • Search: search for the relationships of entities with the same entity type (e.g., Role to Role)
  • Insights: Introduce Risks and Risk Levels for saved queries
  • Insights: Access Risks dashboard summary
  • Access Workflows: show tags in Certification / Attestation results
  • Access Workflows: Quick Filters API, and notification templates API

May 2023

  • Integrations: AWS EKS, Veza, Workato, OneLogin (Groups, Roles, and Apps)
  • Integrations: Support identity correlations with more mapping transformations
  • Integrations: Support cross-organization permissions for Google Cloud (GCP)
  • Integrations: Extended attribute support for Active Directory (AD)
  • Search: Graph search now allows to find the users who have certain entitlements to more than one enterprise systems (e.g. understand all the Okta users who can delete S3 buckets and AWS EC2 instances)
  • Search: Path summary query in Query Builder
  • Insights: Native Analysis for users, groups, and roles
  • Insights: new report collections – Privileged Access Dashboard and Cloud IAM Dashboard
  • Access Monitoring: create rule triggers based on attribute changes
  • Veza Platform: user management with teams
  • Access Workflows: custom help page API

June 2023

  • Integrations: AWS Secrets Manager, Confluence Cloud, Windows Server
  • Configurations: Improved integration management
  • Search: Show or hide indirect access in query builder
  • Search: Improved Graph visualization for AWS IAM “deny” relationships
  • Insights: Native Segregation of Duty (SoD) Builder
  • Insights: Add and manage rules for Saved Queries
  • Access Workflows: Reassign reviewers, approve and sign off on mobile
  • Product Design and Usability: Consistent permissions filters for Access Workflows, Graph, and Query Builder

July 2023

  • Native Integrations: AWS Elastic Container Repositories (ECR), Workday HCM
  • OAA Integrations: Trello, Hubspot, Tableau Cloud, and Windows File System, Egnyte, IronClad, FiveTran, Celonis, Sigma Computing, Zapier, Envoy, Twingate, Harness.IO, and ThousandEyes.
  • Search: All Users, Resources, Identities, or Service Accounts as searchable entities.
  • Search: Support AND/OR for attribute filters
  • Search: Show destination entities and summary entities
  • Insights: New User Comparison for Permissions
  • Insights: New Query Details view
  • Insights: New SaaS misconfigurations reports for GitHub, Jira Cloud, and Bitbucket Cloud
  • Access Workflows: Access Reviews and Entitlement Certifications at enterprise scale

Veza Product Design

Access Workflows

  • Significant operator and review experience enhancements for certifications through data visualizations and charts to show certification progress and status.
  • Mobile experiences for access reviewers now include filtering and bulk actions with intuitive buttons and less clicks.

Unified Search Interfaces

  • Search is hard. The art is to make search beautiful, intuitive, and valuable.
  • Unification across sidebars for Query Builder, Access Workflows and Authorization Graph and a newly added ability to collapse the sidebar.


  • Intuitive charts in Dashboard to show critical insights of important integrations (Github, Snowflake, Salesforce, AWS, GCP, etc).
  • Trend charts in the landing page of Risks to show the overall risk trend for critical risks and warning-level risks.
  • Alerting rules can now be created with user-friendly wizards.
  • Insights Analysis now has a query build on the top of the landing page that allows customers to manipulate the query more easily.

Configurations and Tags / Labels

  • Revamped Navigation for Configurations which now provides a quick way to search, filter, and actions on enterprise integrations.
  • Tags (Veza Tags, AWS Tags, GCP Tags, etc.) are now clickable throughout the product which will lead to a tag detail page where you can focus on details of an individual tag.

New UI Design Components

  • Increased consistency through the UI for major components (creation wizards, table, tabs, and dropdowns).

Improved Navigation for Queries

  • Ability to add labels, create rules, and add a query to a report directly from the Save Query wizard.

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