Solution Brief – Veza for Google Cloud

While popular and powerful, Google Cloud can be challenging to manage and configure correctly. Google Cloud IAM allows granular access and permissions to Google Cloud products.

Veza secures your Google Cloud deployment by empowering your teams to understand and manage access governance and cloud entitlements for your Google Cloud data and identities, no matter how they connect to your multi-cloud environment. Veza unravels the many layers of native Google Cloud IAM policies and access control structures (including local roles and local users), enabling you to manage access for any identity (human or non-human) in Google Cloud or elsewhere across your multi-cloud infrastructure – ensuring you are driving business insights based on high-quality, trustworthy, and secure data.

Veza deeply understands our environment and automatically provides recommendations on how to remediate over-permissioned accounts. I simply haven’t seen another product that does this.

Nick Padron || Director of Information Security, Fairfield Residential