Veza customer journey – PayNearMe

Accumulating all the data we needed to comply with our audits was a real pain. Using Veza we can collate everything in a short amount of time, at a fraction of the price.

Scott “Ziggy” Brode || Data Security Engineer, PayNearMe

PayNearMe strives to use the most secure and reliable technologies to tackle the biggest challenges in payments, one of which is securing the massive amounts of sensitive data it processes for bill-payers and the recipients of their payments. “Data is critical to our business,” says Sean Todd, CISO, PayNearMe. “We take the trust that merchants put in us very seriously when they give us their data, so security is a top priority.”

Veza continuously scans identity-to-data relationships querying for any deviations from corporate policies and their associated entities, which, if detected, are flagged and highlighted in Veza’s authorization graph and violations panel. These policy violation assessments allow PayNearMe to see where excessive privileges and permissions have been granted.