Veza customer journey – InComm Payments

A FinTech industry leader for a quarter-century, InComm Payments manages prepaid card transactions for more than 1,000 brand partners around the world, including retailers, gift card issuers, toll and transit agencies, and other customers across in-store, online, and mobile channels.

As InComm began its journey to the cloud, it needed a way to maintain full visibility and insight into identity, access, and permissions across its evolving hybrid environment.

To formalize data governance for its evolving hybrid environment, InComm had to make sure proper controls were in place to manage different access levels for each data system in their environment, with a focus on SharePoint. This required a way to link authorization information from Azure AD with permissions structures across SharePoint and other data repositories. Veza brought this information together within a single control plane to identify the effective permissions resulting from the combined effect of all groups, roles, authorization policies, privileges, and local users that connect to data repositories. Now, InComm can understand and control enterprise-wide authorization for any identity into any data system, simplifying the management of audits, privileged access, and entitlement reviews.

We needed to understand how users and service accounts have been given access to specific data, and what level of access and authorization they’ve been given. Are they going through security groups? Are they coming through roles? To align to our latest identity and access management (IAM) standards, we needed to enforce role-based access controls to this data instead of potentially having it granted individually to each SharePoint Online drive or site.

Steven Guy || VP Security Solutions, InComm