When Employees Depart: Ensuring access to sensitive data is removed

When employees leave your organization, how sure are you that they are actually gone?

It’s easy to deactivate in AD or SSO, but that doesn’t percolate down to hundreds of apps and systems. Incomplete deactivation and removal of your departed employees’ access creates risk that is difficult to see—and may linger indefinitely.

Without a clear view into who has access to what, you can’t even assess this risk. Especially with larger reductions in force, hundreds or thousands of employees may need deactivation. What can organizations do to protect themselves and minimize the risks of incomplete deactivation?

Don’t leave a backdoor open for insider threats.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • The different types of access and threat vectors exposed during deactivation
  • How apps and cloud systems add complexity (Salesforce, Github, Snowflake, AWS IAM)
  • How organizations use continuous monitoring to eliminate hidden access and reduce risk of abuse